How to Make Money Online from Your Music

Royalties is the money you receive from streaming platforms or collection societies like UPRS and MCSK. Don’t be discouraged if the amounts are small at the start. Royalties generally are not for bills. Your bills should be covered by gigs/shows/concerts during your prime.

Royalties should be invested into a Unit Trust Fund. These Funds invest small amounts and returned with interest. The new amount with interest is then reinvested and returned with interest. Compounding is earning interest on interest and is a powerful way to grow value. With compounding, even small amounts can grow over time. So now let’s see how to make some money.

Jazz-friendly Radio Stations in Africa

Jazz and its variants are a tough sound to get on to radio airwaves. Based on SongBoost airplay data, below are a few brave stations that include a touch of Jazz in their programming. In case you’re a Jazz cat out there with a new release, we advise you share your new release press kits and music with these stations.

3 Reasons: Start Tracking Your Radio Airplay Today

The SongBoost app, available on Android and iOS, makes it easy for you to track your radio airplay across Africa. Here are 3 reasons why you should install the app and start tracking your radio airplay today.

1. Monetization: Claim Royalties
Collection societies in different countries collect royalty fees from businesses that utilize music for commercial purposes e.g. radio stations, TV stations, hotels, venues, e.t.c. They then periodically distribute these royalties to musicians that have registered as their members. Radio airplay data gives you concrete evidence…