10 Radio & TV Stations Big on Playing Ugandan Music

Today 9,019 songs are being tracked for musicians, managers, and labels on SongBoost across 300+ radio and TV stations in East Africa. Based on airplay data collected by SongBoost, the stations below stand out in support of Ugandan music, ranked by total airplay.

Face TVTVKampala
Beat FMRadioKampala
Record FMRadioKampala
Seke FMRadioNakaseke
Dembe FMRadioKampala
Bunyoro TVTVKampala
Galaxy TVTVKampala
Galaxy FMRadioKampala
U24 TVTVKampala

About SongBoost

SongBoost delivers real-time analytics for radio and TV across 8 countries in Africa. The app helps musicians, managers, and labels track their music on over 300 radio and TV stations in 8 countries in Africa. The countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria.

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