7 Key Features of the SongBoost App

SongBoost App

SongBoost is an airplay tracking app for Africa. With these 7 key features, the SongBoost app helps musicians, managers, and labels efficiently track their music on over 300 radio and TV stations in 8 countries in Africa.

1. Instant Airplay Notifications

Instantly get notified when your song is being played on radio/TV with airplay notifications.

2. Top 40 Chart

See the 40 most popular songs ranked by radio and TV airplay data collected from over 300 stations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria by SongBoost.

3. Instant Top 40 Notifications

Instantly get notified when your song enters the Top 40 Chart so you can enjoy the well-earned bragging rights.

4. Song Focus Mode

Use the song toggle to hide certain airplay for older songs so you can focus on just your latest release.

5. Stations Report

Review the total number of times a given station played each specific song on a given day, week, or month.

6. Team Collaboration

Give your team access to your airplay data to keep everyone on the same page about the results of the team’s efforts.

7. Subscription Notifications

Know when it’s time to renew your subscription and click the notification to shorten the renewal process.

Install the SongBoost app from Google Play or App Store. WhatsApp SongBoost on +256-702-400-500 if you have questions.

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